May 12, 2017

What's on trend this season? (+where to find inspiration)

Spring trends, summer trends, fall trends & winter trends... That's for sure, fashion moves quickly and new styles keep coming over and over. But then you ask yourself : "what's on trend this season?" The answer might be hard to get, isn't it? Between new collections in shops or online, outfits of bloggers and fashion shows - it's easy to get lost.

To be completely honest, I don't really follow trends but I'm always curious to see how the new season will look like. Even if it doesn't match my style, it still brings inspiration to spice up my outfits. Recently, I discovered the latest fashion news and I have to say having one place to get a quick overview of fashion is pretty convenient (by the way, my favourite part is the "inspiration" tab). I don't usually read about fashion trends, but I thought the editorial page was inspiring to look at while doing shopping. What about you? Where do you find new trends?

zalando editorial page woman trend swiss fashion blogger zalando editorial page woman trend swiss fashion blogger
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  1. I love theses 4 inspirations !
    The pineapple embroidery is adorable !
    I found inspirations pretty much everywhere it can be blog, pinterest, fashion show or just the street sometimes.

    1. I love that pineapple too! <3
      Totally agree about the street - we can find so much inspiration while looking at other people's outfits!

  2. Je pense que c'est assez facile de connaitre les tendances, les magasins (et sites) font tous la même chose, du coup impossible de passer à côté.

    1. Oui et non. :)
      Personnellement je m'en rend compte surtout via les tenues des personnes dans la rue ou les blogueuses. Et évidemment sur les sites qui parlent justement de tendances.

      Je sais pas si ça t'arrives, mais des fois j'ai l'impression de m'en rendre compte hyper tard ! ;)

  3. Je ne suis pas trop les tendances non plus... Mais j'aime bien la tendance tropicale quand même en ce moment! :)

  4. So inspiring, love the second outfit (:

    CM | XIII.

  5. Hello!
    Comment vas tu ? J'adore la tendance patch et broderies! J'ai acheté des patch pour customiser une veste en jean. Y'a plus qu'à ;) Sinon j'aime beaucoup les imprimés tropicaux. Toujours trendy l'Eté :)
    Bisous et bonne aprem

    1. Hello !
      Ca fait longtemps ! :) Contente de te voir par ici !
      Cette tendance patch est assez sympa je trouve ! Ca met un peu d'originalité/personnalisation dans les vêtements !