March 24, 2017

5 spring trends of 2017 that caught my attention

Exciting spring trends are coming our ways - quick recap' of those which seem the most promising. The upcoming season is full of amazing styles and we'll see how stores such as H&M, Zara or Mango will use the catwalk to create their new collections.
@Alexander Wang

1. BRA TOPS Yes, you read correctly : bras will take the spotlight for spring 2017 by becoming a full part of your outfit! If not, this is my favourite trend - need inspiration? Click here.

2. HIDE-AND-SEEK CUT-OUTS Another sexy trend, but not less sophisticated : the cut-outs. Be ready to spot lots of interesting pieces in stores.

3. KHAKI The utilitarian colour is back to the game! Whether it's an adventurous, edgy or cute look, possibilities are endless when it comes to khaki. Small tip : it looks amazing when paired with denim.

4. WHITE SHIRT DRESS By definition, the white shirt dress is all about looking cute and casual while being fashionable. Add a pair of sneakers and you achieved the perfect outfit!

5. SINGLE SHOULDER Certainly the most exciting trend of all! I've seen lots of korean actresses wearing their shirt only on one shoulder and it's such a great way to give a new life to your old shirts.


  1. I love the single shoulder trend ! But not much the bra tops. I think I'd look like a Christmas ham tied up in this ^^'

    1. Single shoulders are sexy but without showing too much!
      Totally understand about the bra tops! ;)

  2. Lovely trends !
    I'm all ready for this.
    I love the kaki and the white shirt dress.

    1. Now we need to wait for spring to come! ;)

  3. Aïe, je ne sais pas si je vais trop suivre les tendances prochainement alors, mise à part la robe chemise, je n'aime pas trop trop ^^

    1. Pour te rassurer, il y en a plein d'autres pour ce printemps ! J'ai seulement fait la sélection sur celles que je préfère !
      Et puis, les tendances restent des tendances, le but c'est de se faire plaisir n'est-ce pas ? :)