February 20, 2017


You might not be familiar with the term "spoonie" and you're quite lucky not to be. It refers to the spoon theory by Christine Miserandino which uses spoons as a measure of energy for the day. It's commonly used by people with chronic illnesses who are named after the theory as spoonies. I often use the #spoonie in my social posts and I thought it would be nice for some of you to actually know what it meant. ʘ̥ꀾʘ̥ . (yes, this is supposed to be a cat)

If I wanted to sum up a spoonie's life in one sentence : all the things that were not a big deal become hard. Achieving simple tasks is a daily battle. I see you out there, no I'm not exaggerating. Unfortunately. One of the thing I've been struggling with is fatigue. Even after a good night sleep, your body keeps shutting down the next day and taking a nap is your only option. You keep learning about your body with its ups and downs.

Oh oh! If you know someone with a chronic/invisible illness, think about it and be understanding. Have a nice day and stay healthy! ♥

spoonie chronic invisible illness understanding


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    1. Je trouve aussi !
      Malheureusement elle ne vient pas de moi - merci les banques d'images !

  2. Thinking of you hun :) xx


  3. Such an interesting post. I strongly believe in giving and having as much good energy as possible.


    1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read! :)