January 23, 2017

3 fashion rules to follow for a perfect look

Fashion rules are everywhere : blogs, YouTube channels, magazines, tv shows, ... You have to obey the rules to look like your favourite celebrity and get your perfect outfit. Keep reading and you'll understand why the title of my post is quite confusing. I simply don't believe in rules when it comes to fashion. Style is a way to communicate who you are and the only way is your way. If walking in town wearing a unicorn pyjama is your holy grail, then go for it! I love when people truly express themselves without thinking about others' opinion. 

Even though I believe everyone has his own style, when it comes to mine I have some unbreakable principles. I'm listing three of them today - these are small details I look for in a perfect outfit. Again, if you don't follow them, no worries, you build your own style with your own rules. By the way, please keep in mind while reading that I'm a total psycho. With that being said, we can go straight into the rules.

If not, this is the most important of all : an outfit shouldn't have more than three colours. Next time you're in a rush in the morning, remember this rule. The less colours your outfit has, the easiest it is for everything to go together. Start with a base colour and then keep building up. Going for an all white or all black outfit is fine too, but don't forget to add pops of colours in your accessories, for example your bag or socks (statement socks are trendy right now). Oh! and let me mention that two different shades of white counts as two colours. Remember? I told you I was a psycho.

Mixing gold and silver is really trendy right now : I've spotted lots of bloggers following the trend and doing an amazing job. However, this is a no for me. A look will give a much cleaner vibe by keeping it to the minimum. It's a detail you might say, but everything is about details. If you still want to transgress that rule, make sure the jewellery belong together aesthetically.

This is a basic styling rule : if your top is loose, wear a tight bottom - if your bottom is loose, wear a tight top. This is the key to achieve a well-balanced look and keep proportions. The rule is extremely important if you're wearing leggings - be sure do wear something loose and long enough to cover both crotch and butt areas.

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn."
Orson Welles

These are my rules. Each time I put an outfit together, I follow them unintentionally because this is my definition of style. However, the most important thing I want you to remember today isn't these three rules, it's to emphasise the fact that you should dress the way you want. I'd like you to feel confident and comfortable in the clothes you're wearing. You make your own rules.


  1. I always break the gold and silver jewelry rule!


    1. And I'm sure it looks amazing! ;)

  2. I love your way!! :) You always look fabulous! You look amazing in those pics!! Love that outfit!!! :) Great work!