January 26, 2017

My roommate tries Born Pretty Store

I've been collaborating with Born Pretty Store for more than a year now and I wanted to twist things up by asking my lovely roommate to choose some accessories. She browsed through the website and selected four different items for her to wear. I followed the whole process in order to share her thoughts here on the blog. By the way, if you're wondering who's on the pictures, it's me : because I'm crazy enough to paint my face with NYX liquid lipsticks.

First off, she agrees that the items have good value for money. Plus all of the accessories are better made than any other cheap jewellery she has bought before. Website-wise, it was easy for her to find exactly what she wanted because of the large selection. As usual, nothing was broken during the shipping and the package was well-wrapped for sure!

Our favourite piece is, without any doubt, the dual layer necklace! It's really easy to understand why... I personally think it's the perfect jewellery to make any outfit much more sophisticated. I was concerned about the fact that the strands might be too loose, but that's not the case : it fits perfectly on the neck.

Moving to all of the earrings she got! She told me : "The geometric earrings are exactly the type of earrings I would wear during a party." Now you know. The triangle-shaped earrings are simple yet edgy and the dinosaurs are quite cute. Since she has three ear-holes, she can mix and match easily and Born Pretty Store is a great way to do that without spending too much money. The only concern she has with the dinosaurs' earrings is that you should be careful when you get dressed because clothes tend to hook on them.

As usual, you have 10% off by using the coupon code LART10. Also if you'd like to be inspired, follow Born Pretty Store on Instagram. They have two accounts @bornprettyjewelry where you'll find lots of jewellery inspiration and @bornprettystore if you're a nail art addict!

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  1. Love the warpaint!! :) Have a fabulous weekend babe!! :)

    1. What's better than warpaint made with lipstick?!
      Have a nice week!

  2. Merci pour ce partage ma belle :)

    Ca change de l'ordinaire :D
    Et merci pour ton soutien sur mon blog!


    1. Merci pour ton passage !
      Ce sujet sur ton blog est qqch qui me tient vraiment à coeur, donc c'est vraiment normal !

      Bisous <3

  3. Coucou,
    Comment vas tu ? Je ne connaissais pas la marque Born Pretty Jewellery. J'adore les petites boucles d'oreilles dinosaure :) c'est très fun!
    Merci pour la découverte,
    Bisous et bon week end

    1. Bien bien et toi ?
      C'est un site avec des bijoux très peu chers et on peut trouver de petites pépites dessus, je te le garanti !
      Oui, ils sont bien sympas en effet ces petits dinosaures~~

  4. Love the jewelry! It's so dainty and unique, especially the dinosaur earrings. These photos are stunning by the way, I love the style of them!

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thanks for passing by!
      Born Pretty Store has lots of unique earrings like these, but the dinosaurs are adorable! My roommate made a great choice!

  5. the metallic lipstick is so fun! I love this modern look!


    1. Unfortunately these aren't metallic - I whish they were!
      But I know NYX launched their metallic Lipstick Suede if I'm right. In Switzerland they are only available online (Manor) but I'd like to see them in store so bad!

  6. Salut ma belle ! Les photos de cet article sont vraiment très réussies, j'adore ! De plus, les bijoux que ta copine a choisis sont très jolis et la paire dinosaure est hyper originale :)
    Des bisous