October 28, 2016

The celebrities' influence on us Remember : wear no doubts

Who doesn't have someone whose fashion sense inspire us so much? And why do they have influence on us? I always look at how people dress up whether it's on the street, the internet, celebrities... Bonobos inspired me to write about my intake on the celebrities' influence on our style and finding out why.

The goals, attitude and charisma of our inspirational person binds us to them. It's someone we look up to and there is always a little voice on our heads that whispers "I want to be like that too!"... An example that resonate with me and maybe you as well is the lead character in K-drama. I usually identify myself to the female lead : she has an amazing personnality and she is true to herself. Therefore it builds our confidence and helps us go beyond our limits. 

For lots of people, style is important. I'm sure you agree if you're reading my blog post. Some celebrities are beautiful and stunning. Their style is totally in line with your vision of fashion. Looking good is something valuable for some of us and everytime we stop on a picture of our role model you just go : "OMG". Then you just stare for a few minutes to analyse their outfit to the most trivial detail. They inspire us to truely explore our style and be brave and confident in what we're wearing.

Usually that person's style resonate with ours. It helps to build up your style using them as a model. Style is a way of expressing yourself. but that doesn't mean you can't get inspired by someone. It's not about copying but getting inspiration and making it work your way. It gives you confidence to dress in the most fearless way. My favourite source of inspiration, as funny as it may be, is airport fashion. As the name says, it's basically the outfits that idols wear while going to the airport. It's quite famous in the KPOP world.

Finally, thanks a lot to Bonobos and their mens' bottoms for giving me the inspiration of writing this post. And as I always say : whoever your inspiration, your style is entirely yours and nobody has the right to judge you. Let's wrap this up with a thoughtful quote from Jimmy Butler : "In the end, you can't waste any time thinking about the in, wear what you wanna wear, just don't wear any doubts."

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  1. A great post, I've not read a post on this topic before!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Thanks!
      I'm glad to know that you've never read something about it before! It's quite an interesting topic actually.

  2. Super article ! J'aime beaucoup :)
    Bisous bisous


    1. Merci !
      Contente qu'il te plaise ! :)

  3. this was such an interesting post Laura, i had never really thought of why i found someone inspiring when it comes to fashion and style. i agree that aside from how they look, it also has a lot to do with the vibe they give off and the place they're at in their life, if that makes sense

    Aditi | https://lifeasaditi.wordpress.com

    1. I totally understand what you're saying and I agree with you 100%!
      Their look is one thing but who they are is as important...