May 11, 2016

Nothing to wear : are you fashion frustrated?

From time to time : it happens. I'm starring at my closet, finding nothing to wear. Picking my outfits is something I've always enjoyed a lot, but sometimes it feels like a task. As naive as it sounds I know that if I don't like the outfit I'm wearing, my mood for the day will go down. That's why I'm writing a few tips to help whenever you are in the same situation. 

@YesStyle : Eureka T-shirt Dress

It might not be the right time to think about your outfit. If you can, try to do it a bit later. Of course, that's something you are able to do only if you plan your outfits in advance. You will come back with a fresh mind and some new ideas.

This is by far the less creative tip I can give, but sometimes it needs to be done. Browse the Internet for looks that you like and see if you can replicate the outfit. It's easy to do and this way you're sure that your outfit is on point.

The reason why you feel like you have nothing to wear (even though your closet is full of clothes, maybe too full of clothes...) is simply because your inspiration is gone. A solution ? Get it back! (yes, easier said than done). What works well for me is YouTubers and Instagramers : I like to watch fashion hauls and lookbooks or Instagram profiles.

The ultimate tip of a very organized person : have an outfit ready when this day comes. I take pictures of my outfits, so I can easily go back and check which one was great and wear it again. Even though I hate wearing the same exact outfit, sometimes it's really helpful.

@YesStyle : JUSTONE Pajama set

Hopefully I was able to make you feel a bit more inspired than before. Another option might be to go out naked, but I'm not sure if you're allowed to. I have a few other blog posts that might be worth the read :


  1. Great post love, I've been having this problem with shoes, I feel like I have no shoes to go with my outfits haha! I love breeding Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration too.

    1. Oh yes, I totally understand your problem! It's the same for me in the winter, I never know which shoes I should wear so I always go with the same pair. ;)

  2. Love this post !


  3. Très sympa ce billet
    Bonne soirée

  4. Oh i really love your post ! For me it's always the same : the famous "i have nothing to wear" ^^
    So i will try your great tips !


    1. I think that the "I have nothing to wear" happens to all women who love clothes! ;)