February 24, 2016

The YesStyle selection of the month

I know... you're probably wondering why am I writing here. Guess what? I've decided to expand the blog and write about various topics. Don't worry! I won't stop my usual outfits of the day series, however I want to cover more about fashion in general and share what I like and my advice.

I'm starting my very first "written post" (let's call it this way ok?) with my monthly selection of fashionable items from the asian website YesStyle. Nope, I'm not sponsored (I wish I was... my wallet would greatly appreciate). YesStyle is my number one place to shop online, that's why it seems obvious for me to let you know about my fashion picks every month !

http://www.yesstyle.com/en/octavia-ribbed-turtleneck-sweater/info.html/pid.1046195019 http://www.yesstyle.com/en/yijingmei-short-sleeve-sheer-panel-dress-white-s/info.html/pid.1048888186 http://www.yesstyle.com/en/dodostyle-open-placket-pinstripe-blouse/info.html/pid.1048885374

1. Octavia - Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater : Turtlenecks are so in for this season, they keep you warm and cozy! To be honest with you, I've already ordered this item and I'll be wearing it in an upcoming look. No need to say that I'm in love with it!

2. YIJINGMEI - Short-Sleeve Sheer Panel Dress : The weather isn't favorable to be wearing this dress, however the mesh details were so amazing that I had to feature it in the blog post. It'll be perfect for spring time don't you think?

3. Dodostyle - Open-Placket Pinstripe Blouse : Dodostyle is a famous brand available on YesStyle. They have billions of cute clothing! The collar of the blouse is quite unusual, which will make any look interesting.


4. Forkix Boots - Peep Toe Platform Boots : There is one thing I'm wishing : for the heels not to be that high... These are so gorgeous that it makes me sad not to be able to wear them. If they were a bit lower, I would have purchased them for sure!

5. Solejoy - Faux Leather Sneakers : I'm definitely not a sneakers type of girl, but I think this pair is lovely. These might be a great dupe for Stan Smith.

6. Pastel Pairs - Bow Platform Chunky Heel Sandals : I know, I know, this isn't suitable for the winter season. Don't you want to be in spring already?


7.  MOL Girl - Retro Mirrored Sunglasses : I can't stop looking at sunglasses these days... The gold detail gives a little something that I really enjoy!

8. UTOPIA JULY - Matte Double-Sided Earrings : These earrings are really intemporal pieces, however I feel like their colour make them different.

9. UTOPIA JULY - Bamboo Style Open Bangle : If you like the minimalist style, this might be for you ! Open Bangles are great if you have small wrists because you can adjust them to your size.


10. Nautilus Bags - Double Zip Faux Leather Backpack : Nautilus Bags is a brand I really want to try. As you can see, I have my eyes on many of their bags!

11. Nautilus Bags - Perforated Bucket Bag : Bucket Bags are really trendy and you can see them everywhere right now! I find this shape lovely and I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

12. Nautilus Bags - Flap Chain Strap Shoulder Bag : Whenever I see this small bag, it makes me think of Chloe bags, which have become very popular lately.


  1. All of these are so cute! I am definitely checking this place out, thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!
      I'll let you know if I buy one of them! I can't stop watching them... hum...