February 21, 2017

A classic statement piece?

I always believed a statement piece had to speak for itself - it had to be fashionable and out of the ordinary. But guess what? I was wrong. A new trend is coming out in stores : the velvet shirt. The cut is classic but the texture gives a complete different dimension. Just wait until the light hits the fabric and let the magic happen - a classic piece becomes a statement piece. Even the simplest outfit ever will scream sophistication.

trend fashion velvet shirt zaful trend fashion velvet shirt zaful trend fashion velvet shirt zaful trend fashion velvet shirt zaful

"To achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought."

trend fashion velvet shirt zaful trend fashion velvet shirt zaful trend fashion velvet shirt zaful trend fashion velvet shirt zaful

Velvet shirt Zaful* • Coat H&M • Jeans Mango • Bra Undiz • Necklace YesAsia
Lipstick Urban Decay Heroine • Shoes Adidas via Zalando

trend fashion velvet shirt zaful

February 20, 2017


You might not be familiar with the term "spoonie" and you're quite lucky not to be. It refers to the spoon theory by Christine Miserandino which uses spoons as a measure of energy for the day. It's commonly used by people with chronic illnesses who are named after the theory as spoonies. I often use the #spoonie in my social posts and I thought it would be nice for some of you to actually know what it meant. ʘ̥ꀾʘ̥ . (yes, this is supposed to be a cat)

If I wanted to sum up a spoonie's life in one sentence : all the things that were not a big deal become hard. Achieving simple tasks is a daily battle. I see you out there, no I'm not exaggerating. Unfortunately. One of the thing I've been struggling with is fatigue. Even after a good night sleep, your body keeps shutting down the next day and taking a nap is your only option. You keep learning about your body with its ups and downs.

Oh oh! If you know someone with a chronic/invisible illness, think about it and be understanding. Have a nice day and stay healthy! ♥

spoonie chronic invisible illness understanding

February 17, 2017

You choose what I get on Born Pretty Store

Would you like me to try the quality of Born Pretty Store jewelry before you shop there? Or maybe just to see how it will look like? I'll become your beta tester! Are you ready?

2. Choose items you'd like me to try
3. Let me know (either in the comment section, on my social media or via email) by giving me the name or link or item number.

I'll then choose a few pieces from your selection and put them to the test them for you. I really wanted to change the way I'm doing my reviews and help you discover the website differently - what do you think? I'm quite excited to see what kind of jewelry you like the most!

born pretty store jewelry review test blogger

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February 14, 2017

When lace goes with V-Day

Who said you should doll up for somebody on Valentine's Day? What matters the most is to dress up for yourself. To feel sexy, isn't the lace dress perfect? After the statement bras, now comes the selection of lace dresses with sleeves. All of the items are from the website Zaful about which you can read my shopping guide by clicking here. Oh! And because we all like coupon codes, type "love" for up to $30 off.

lace dresses with sleeves Zaful Valentine's Day

lace dresses with sleeves Zaful Valentine's Day

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February 13, 2017

My thoughts about Valentine's Day

Are you ready for your social medias to get overwhelmed by Valentine's Day memes? V-Day is the best occasion to be talking about self-love! ♥ Around the 14th of February, the Internet is full of people complaining because they're alone. But is it that bad to be single?

valentine's day thoughts inspiration single valentine's day thoughts inspiration single

It's an opportunity to work on yourself : learning to love yourself - becoming comfortable being by yourself - growing into a better version of yourself. It actually allows you to put aside some time to figure out who you are and find things you always wanted to do. You'll be able to develop yourself and become more mature : you'll know your flaws and values. Think differently about being single and learn how to be passionate about life.

I will end it here with a video suggestion "Break-ups are a good thing". I know, it might not be appropriate since we're celebrating lovers, but it's an amazing life lesson! Thanks Woojong!

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February 10, 2017

When it's more than just a bra

valentine day undiz statement bra selection valentine day undiz statement bra selection

In the lingerie world, possibilities and styles are endless. Of course, we have classic or sexy bras, but let's not forget statement bras. What are these? What I call a statement bra is when it can be worn as a statement piece underneath a top. It becomes a full part of the outfit and adds sophistication (and let's say it : sexiness). The best place to find such bras is, in my opinion, Undiz - you'll find my selection below. What's yours? And don't forget that Valentine's Day is coming soon!

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February 7, 2017

The dress you should never buy

The title explains it all. Did you ever buy the most gorgeous skirt, already thought about the perfect outfit but then : the skirt keeps riding up? Walking as gracefully as possible while holding it down is a no-no. Sadly that's exactly what happened with the dress I'm wearing. It has a velvet texture with flowers as well as lace details : a flawless piece for a winter look. However it's impossible to walk without showing your butt to the universe. Nice, isn't it?